I hope i'll have enough money to buy this dress... one day who knows ?


Yesterday I had a music oral for the final exam, it went very well, we played this very famous schubert trio (op 100 n°2) you can hear in barry lindon (one of the topic we studied this year was the music from "north by northwest' composed by bernard herrmann).

Then I went to the lomo store and bought the diana f+ edelweiss edition. (thank you gaëlle for this picture)


To go through the exam thing, I planned some trips for the next holidays

1. One week in Moscow

I read somewhere moscow was empty in July and August so I thought I could go there in september (as I'll start college in october).
Anyway we'll go there soon my camera and I, to take some tourist shots of the underground stations (they're really amazing), red square and to see some classics of soviet art. I discovered recently a Russian painter called Mikail Vrubel and I absolutely want to see his paintings in real, you can have a look at some of his works here

photo : joel aron

2. Few days in Vienna

Let's hope I'll have enough money and time to make this trip. Fanny and I would go there for 3 or 4 days. I don't know what it's nice to do there except visiting museum to see Kokoschka, Klimt or Schiele's works and eating Mozartkugeln but I'm pretty sure we wouldn't get bored.


call me the dude

After seeing the Big Lebowksi for the 10th time I decided to become a dudeist.


patrick wolf appreciation society

patrick wolf - accident and emergency