They're Van She. They make the coolest music in da world.
I can't spend one day without listening at least one of their tracks. I hope they'll come to Paris soon.
They're Van She. They are my number one band.

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Tuesday was my first day at university, lessons start on Monday, I'm really happy : every lessons seem interesting, and my schedule is nice as I won't have anything on friday. The picture below Is a painting by Le douanier Rousseau one of my favorite painter, by the way my birthday is on october 30th (you see what I mean uh ?)


This week was exhausting, but I liked having rehearsals everyday. Sunday I'm going to play violin for this french cultural event called "Les journées du patrimoines" during two days all museums and castles and whatever you can visit are free, So I'll play here and I'll be paid,this is really really exciting because it's the first I'll get some money for playing violin. Moreover I am broke and I absolutely needed this money : I've got to buy a bag to carry my computer at university and of course I want a cute one, like this. Today it's roch hachana (jewish new year) and I'm going to celebrate it with my family so good night and ...
Shana Tova Everyone !



Finally I managed to get Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto with its tote bag - s'il vous plaît


It's a nice day to start again

septeeemberr 004
septeeemberr 006
septeeemberr 009
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I'll start university on september 22nd but today lessons started at the music school holidays are really over now but I don't feel sad at all, I'm really excited about meeting new people and I hope we'll share some tastes, It's the first time I feel so optimistic. My violon competition in on October 15th I'm happy to have more than a month to keep preparing it even if I feel quite ready. I made some nice projects such as a trip in Stockholm and trying to integrate London's Royal College of music next year (keep your fingers crossed for me).
I took some shots today, it's almost fall and the colours outside are gorgeous .

billy idol / hey little sister


I REALLY need those sockets in my life