Yes she's back

It's been a real long time without writing on this bloghey. I finally got my final exam with honnors (thanks to litterature and music yeay), then I couldn't go on the internet because there were some works at my place, I also went to Moscow AND St Petersburg, I'll post some pictures later. From the 28th to the 30th I was at this French festival called "rock en seine" I saw a lot of great gigs the line-up was amazing, and finally I saw Patrick Wolf (I was in the middle of the front row just infront of him like a 12 years old girl but that was okay because I look 12 even if I'm turning 18). I took some polaroid and argentic pictures of the shows but they're not really good. Even If I start college at the end of september holidays are over for me because I've got a violin competition in october .
let's work clara

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